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Artificial Turf Is More Cost Effective Than Traditional Grass

While Artificial Turf in San Clemente CA can be expensive, the life expectancy of artificial turf can be upwards of 25 years, making it a less costly alternative to real turf over its life span.

25+ Year Life Span

Barbara Chambers – www.gardenista.com

“I love my artificial grass. They have come a long way with the design, texture, and color”

“There is no way you can tell my lawn is fake unless I confess.”

Artificial Grass for Dogs in San Clemente CA

Talk to us today about getting the right kind of Pet-Friendly Artificial Turf in San Clemente CA that is designed for dogs and other pets to use, not all artificial turf is created equal so get the right product for your pets.

Other Applications for Artificial Turf

Synthetic Grass Putting Greens

Get your very own putting green with the specially developed Synthetic Grass for golf greens. Realistic Golf performance guaranteed.

Artificial Turf for Sports areas (Astro-Turf)

For heavy use areas such as sports fields synthetic grass (also know as Astro Turf) is the perfect solution. Artificial Turf stands up to heavy use and gives the players the performance the need year round.

Fake Grass Playground Areas

Playground areas can become sand pits from all the foot traffic. Fake grass is softer than paving the area and looks great. Many schools, shopping centres and restaurants use synthetic turf for playgrounds as the perfect solution in Denver.

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